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OSHO™ Dynamic Meditation

Progressive presentation

Dynamic meditation is practiced in the morning, with an empty stomach, with eyes closed, loudly or silently.

Meditation lasts for one hour and has five stages. The first three stages which are preparatory last for 10 minutes each, the fourth – meditation stage and the fifth – dance stage continue for 15 minutes each.

The first stage involves chaotic, fast and deep breathing through the nose. Be total, completely disattached from the body, emotions and the mind, absolutely relaxed without any limits outwards to the body and inwards to the spirit and emptiness. Don't keep any tension, pain, emotion or thought. Let the energy flow freely and conductively without any resistance. Feel hara, the center located two fingers below the navel, and sense the whole body. This sometimes will pull you down when exaling fully and will make you bend backwards when inhaling completely. This will lead you to new dimensions of the body and soul, and will make you witness, where you and I will disappear, with just emptiness and freedom left.

The second stage is catharsis. Relax, explode! Be spontaneous. Express anger, fear, tensions, everything what was suppressed, what pulls you to relax. Move, cry, laugh, roll, jump, shake, dance, make faces. Do not hold anything back. Sometimes kundalini energy starts flowing by itself shaking your body and refreshing it. Movements of the body help energies flow to the body, whereas witnessing helps energies flow to the inside, to the soul.

The third stage is mantra "Hoo". With raised arms, jump up and down landing on your feet and then on your heels uttering mantra "Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!" loudly and energetically. Do not fall down on the floor too softly so that energy could flame, and do not fall down too strongly so that subtle forming structures would not be destroyed in the body and the brain. Let the sound hammer deeper and deeper into the sex center of the vital body near the tailbone. Let all your energies flow.

Music sets an average rhythm of jumping. Individual tempo of jumping has to become intensive and consciousness has to become clear from thoughts insomuch that transformation of energy could happen. Relax yourself outwards to new depths of your body and inwards to new peaks of spirit. Then jumping becomes easy, inspiring and raised arms hold themselves up, like branches of a tree. This way a seed becomes a sprout and an egg – a bird. If jumping is becoming difficult or hands are falling down – look within attentively in a very relaxed way and a thought will be seen. Let it go and everything becomes easy again.

Grow further. Let new, fresh, inspiring and inexhaustible energy multiply. Let consciousness clarify, witnessing be born and continue.

The fourth stage is stop. Stop wherever you are, in whatever posture your body is. Remain completely inactive, as if a seed or a plant in soil. Energy turns inwards. Soul ramifies in spirit, like branches of a tree in the sky. Let all thoughts, wishes, plans and ego go. Raised arms hold themselves up. That is a sign that energy turns and flows inwards. Swallowing or  any movement of a finger, tongue or an eyelash acts as a movement of a seed or a plant and directs some energy downwards and outwards, or even stops flowing and disperses. Relax, continue detaching yourself from the body, mind and emotions. Let silence appear and be, witnessing be born and continue.

The fifth stage is dance. Having heard the music turn towards your body slowly but do not tighten to it. Start moving gently, do not get tensed. Dance naturally, respond to the music spontaneously and sensitively from within, express your energies and your inside. Let the spirit flow through to the body like the river lets water flow through to the ocean. When thoughts and ego disappear, celebration and rejoicing are born. Let them stay after the meditation as well as all the time.

Osho dynamic is the most suitable meditation for the Western busy man. It gives fruit straight away.

Stay with closed eyes, feel your body, relax, look and move outwards and inwards during the entire meditation. Then all the stages of meditation will be meditated very easily and ecstatically.

Osho Dynamic Meditation classic presentation .

Osho Dynamic. Lead by Prembuda 30/11/2003


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