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Adar - Meditation Activity in Klaipeda

Adar Meditation Program
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 Adar Meditation Program *

Weekly meditation schedule *
Weekday Time Meditation
Monday 06:30 Osho Dynamic Meditation™
Tuesday 06:30 Osho Dynamic Meditation™
06:30 Osho Dynamic Meditation™
19:30 Osho Kundalini Meditation™
Thursday 06:30 Osho Dynamic Meditation™
Friday 06:30 Osho Dynamic Meditation™
Saturday 06:30 Osho Dynamic Meditation™
Sunday 09:30 Osho Dynamic Meditation™

Currently Osho Dynamic and Kundalini meditations which suits the best those people who do the desk-bound and mind work are meditated in Meditation Activity Adar (hereinafter – Adar).

Newcomers may join the Kundalini meditation on Wednesdays and Dynamic meditation from Mondays through Sundays having arrived 15 minutes earlier. Wear light hygienic clothing; do not eat 2-3 hours before the Kundalini meditation and Dynamic is meditated on an empty stomach. Newcomers are advised to call in advance +370 657 94361 before their arrival.

Those who are late will not be admitted.

Address: 27A Puodžių Str., Klaipeda; Lithuania, EU; Ph. +370 657 94361.

* - meditation program is subject to change.

* * - in case of uncertainty or misunderstanding regarding the activity of Adar, please notify Ojas Meditation Center by Ojas e-mail or make a phone call +370 685 11533 and +370 619 11551.


Adar Meditation Activity

In the Adar meditations are meditated and one is taught to meditate as well as apply meditations in life. In Sanskrit a word Adar means fire. Adar draws its inspiration and cooperates with Meditation Centre Ojas.

Swami Arjun Devadas is the Activity meditation guide.

Devadas says: I found meditations in 1998 through meditation master Prembuda at Ojas Meditation Centre. There I graduated the four-year Meditation School. Currently I awaken my consciousness in the Meditation Academy. Prembuda for me is like my support inside, accompanying with meditation, with heart and the reminder that I can't lose my heart. Here is such the phenomenon that I am very thankful to existence, Prem and to all those around me.

I got lucky in this life that I can find answers through my heart with which I have to live and go. I am very glad that I can meditate and be in the Meditation Academy and that I didn't run abroad.


Adar Activity was established in 2011 by Kundan (Arturas Draksas), meditator and friend of Devadas, who moved to Vilnius and lives in Prem Ashram. In 2013 Prembuda inspired and helped to see the vision to further establish the Activity in the new premises and share meditation, create there the meditation space.

Meditating Osho Dynamic meditation at Budhahall, Ojas MC, 2018
 Meditating Osho Dynamic meditation at Budhahall, Ojas MC, 2018

  Currently Prembuda leads Dynamic meditations also to Adar, usually on Sundays over the Internet through Skype/Hangout.

It is unbelievable! The master directly leads the best meditations to a modern man in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda. Meditation is available at any place in the world! Sometimes it comes from India or Maldives.

Devadas: Leading the Dynamic meditation by Prembuda in Klaipeda at Adar Activity through Skype balances and inspires me each time. I get the feeling that I meditate in Vilnius, near Prembuda and other meditators.

With other meditators at Ojas Meditation Academy, Ojas MC, 2016
 With other meditators at Ojas Meditation Academy, Ojas MC, 2016

For me the Dynamic meditation lead each Sunday is very important. I charge myself with energy until the next Sunday; continuous meditative process doesn't allow me to lose touch with meditative space and energy. I feel more responsible, sensitive and disciplined. I am glad that with the new energy I can dive into life!


 If you live or are in Klaipeda or nearby and have an inspiration to live meditatively – responsibly, well and healthy, join us!


Dynamic meditation lead by Prembuda and smiles after the meditation through Hangout at Meditation Activity Adar, Klaipeda




Those who wish to know meditation deeper and wider as well as to learn meditating and applying meditation in life, please address Meditation Center Ojas. Ph.: +370 685 11533 and +370 619 11551;, e-mail



Contacts and information of Meditation Activity Adar:

Guide Swami Devadas (Tomas Zaburas)
Addresss: 27 A Puodžių Str. , Klaipeda, Lithuania, EU
Ph.: +370 657 94361

- Osho Dynamic Meditation™
- Osho Kundalini Meditation™

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