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Meditation Activity Sadhaka (in Kaunas)

"Sadhaka" meditation program *:

Weekly Meditation Schedule
Day of Week Starts on Meditation
Mon 06:30 am Dynamic
Tue 06:30 am Dynamic
06:30 am Dynamic
06:00 pm Kundalini
Thu 06:30 am Dynamic
Fri 06:30 am Dynamic
Sat 08:00 am Dynamic
Sun 09:30 am Dynamic


Newcomers may join Kundalini meditation on Wednesdays at 5:45 pm and Dynamic meditation on Thursdays at 6:15 am. Have personal identification document.

Address: Esoteric centre AUM, 83 Kestuchio str., Kaunas.

Meditation leader of Activity – Ma Shantam.

* - meditation program may change.

Meditation Activity "Sadhaka"

Sanskrit language word sadhaka means spirit seeker, the one who desires to realize oneself. Meditation activity Sadhaka was born while Esoteric center "AUM" in spiritual search was cooperating with Meditation center "Ojas". After spreading esoteric and spiritual wings in Kaunas, since the year of 2007 AUM invites here meditation master, meditation teachers, and leaders to share their spiritual growth experience. Several times per month, they lead meditation lectures, seminars, courses, meditation evenings.

After lectures, seminars and courses one may meditate individually, together with other seekers or one may continue to learn and meditate in true and professional meditation centre.


Leader of meditation activity – Ma Shantam (Asta Kaziukevichiene) meditates since 1997. Ma Shantam graduated Meditation school of Meditation Center “Ojas”, then Meditation academy, lead a school for pre-school age children “Knowing oneself before a school”; meditation cycles “Sufi whirling”, “Mandala”, laughter meditation, other.

Shantam says: “11 years ago I was not satisfied with myself, environment, I did not see meaning in what I was doing, there was depression and apathy within me.

After the first time I took part in meditation course lead by Prem Buddha, I understood at once that I found what I was looking for, what inspires me to live. Daily meditations, four year learning in Meditation School, four year studies in Meditation Academy, taking part in meditative activity of Meditation Center “Ojas” gave a sense to my being. Everything what I did not understand in life, how to behave in one situation or the other, become clear during meditations, meditation courses and even after them. Problems with work, children, money, good self-feeling are resolved in essence while meditating.

After many years of different diseases an average for longer than one month per year, it has been already seven years when I do not become sick, depression disappeared, energy to create came into existence, I found what I like doing. Searching of subtlety, love and action coming from heart sets light to me, inspires, fills with energy, gives a sense to life and creates joy in simple matters.

My experience shows that when searching, meditating, that is possible to experience to everyone.”

Info of Meditation Activity "Sadhaka":
Ph.: +370 686 52078;
Address: “Esoteric centre AUM”, 83 Kestuchio str., Kaunas, Lithuania, EU.

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