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Meditacijos centras Ojas

Meditation Festival in Ojas - from Buddha to OSHO and Now

August 6-7, 2022 (Sat.-Sun.)

In Ojas Meditation Center, Resort, Miskiniu 8, Nemencines eld., Vilnius region, Lithuania Google maps

Information is being regularly updated



Humanity suffers from diseases, disasters, wars and hardships. Buddha and Osho shared their vision that diseases, miseries, disasters and wars can be eliminated with meditation and that was seen at Ojas already in 1992, but its implementation and wide sharing became possible only now.

Global crises and COVID-19 have not hindered the health, well-being and happiness of Ojas members in any way. Rather – inured, adapted them and created excellent conditions for awareness. Prembuda has been living without any sick-day and misfortunes since 1992, similarly - Ojas meditators since its beginning in 1994 and ashram members since 1996. That was actually made possible by OSHO Dynamic® meditation which is being meditated daily easily and ecstatically. Such potential of the meditation was envisaged by Ojas leader Prembuda from his first Dynamic meditation.

The purpose of Ojas Meditation Festival is to deepen, introduce and share meditation. The most researched and suitable for a modern man is OSHO Dynamic® meditation which is being daily meditated at Ojas ecologically, economically, festively and ecstatically. It cleanses and energizes not only the body, but also the mind and soul. Also – Vipassana of Buddha and OSHO, OSHO Kundalini® and others. In addition, certain meditations, meditation practices and courses are very usefully and sometimes necessary. About that in the Festival Program and practices.

Certain guides, teachers, leaders and masters can offer and possibly lead meditations and meditation practices. Two-three places are anticipated for that depending on need and offers.

Ojas maintains close relations with OIMR (OSHO International Meditation Resort), Ojas team has travelled to European meditation centres several times, participated in the meetings of European meditation centers. Here several ashram residents live and meditate daily, Meditation School and Meditation Academy are active. All ashram residents have worldly jobs and Ojas – excellent meditation halls in Vilnius and Resort. Meditation, Ashram, job and freedom creates excellent conditions to see ego, meditate, celebrate and share meditation, life and consciousness.



Festival Schedule
Program and schedule may change

Friday (5 Aug)


Arrival, registration, acomodation, free-time


Free-time, sleep, free-time

Saturday (6 Aug)


Arrival, registration, acomodation


OSHO Dynamic® meditation1 with demo to meditate and live easily and ecstatic


Breakfast break


Vipassana (Buddha's meditation)1 + demo


Meditation and its need and effect1


Meditative knowing and healing of the body1


Lunch break

In Buddhahall In the garden, hall


Mirror dances 3,5


Meditative conscience constellation 2,4


OSHO Kundalini® Meditation1 with demo


OSHO Evening meditation and OSHO video discourse


Dinner break


Meditation music, dance, and energetic song.


Sharing around the camp-fire with new and old friends


Free-time, sleep

Sunday (7 Aug)


Arrival, registration, preparation


Laughter meditation3


Be Aware Who Is Sensing (Meditation) 4


OSHO Dynamic® Meditation1 with demo


Breakfast break


Vipassana (Buddha's meditation)1 + demo


OSHO Nadabrahma Meditation™ 4


Knowing and Cleansing of Emotions 1


Individual OSHO Tarot sessions3


Lunch break


Knowing and Cleansing of Mind 1


OSHO Kundalini® Meditation1


Questions-answers, sharing


Farewell, to the heart, home

1 - lead by meditation master Prembuda;
2 - lead by meditation teacher Shaida, 3 - Shantam;
4 - lead by meditation guide Jivan, 5 - Agne.


  • Meditative contributions: 40€/day, 70€/2days;
  • Accommodation available - overnight stay in your own tent 10€/day, 15€/2days, 15€/2participants (1day); (one day – up to Saturday 22:00; two days – up to Sunday 18:30)
  • Meals: On Saturday: vegetarian warm breakfast, lunch, dinner - 25€; on Saturday - breakfast, lunch (20€). Prepared by "Jogos virtuvë" (Yogic Kitchen); prior registration and prepayment recommended.
  • Individual session - with additional contribution on the site.






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