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Meditacijos centras Ojas

Meditation master Prembuda


Meditation master swami Prembuda is a founder and leader of Meditation Center Ojas.

Prembuda (Prembuda Vrubliauskas) started attending a school when he was five years old and graduated it at the age of 16, at 21 he graduated Kaunas Polytechnic Institute, in 1987 defended dissertation of technical doctor and started researching visual perception at Vilnius University. He raised three daughters. The Soviet security has persecuted Prembuda since 1971, and Lithuanian security and fundamentalists – since 1992.


Life, science and scientific research of visual perception revealed that meditation lifts up science, harmony of body, mind and spirit into new heights. After scientific and spiritual corruption has thriven at Vilnius University and in Lithuania, and after Prembuda has seen a possibility to grow only individually, he left Vilnius University in 1993 and totally devoted himself to spiritual – meditative activity.

Prem in Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India
 Prem in Osho International Meditation
Resort in Pune, India

Prembuda is a spirit seeker since 1980 and since 1992 he leads meditation courses, writes publications, translates and publishes books about meditation, creates films, meditations and is an author of one book. Many times Prembuda was in India many times and learnt there; and since 1992 he is the first meditation teacher and since 1994 – the first meditation master in Lithuania – consciously experienced unity of body and spirit; conducts scientific – spiritual researches and consults modern companies.

Prembuda’s actions come from inside. Meditations, individual sessions and courses led by him are based on inner experience and direct insight. Prembuda creates buddhafield and situations supporting and encouraging an individual to learn, develop, create and wake up.

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