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Once you find a gem, a stone in your hands will slip out itself

Repressed energy is often relaxed with alcohol. How does this happen?*

Science explores not only how materials change but also the way their energy changes. In esotericism it is absolutely necessary, because often, energy of a cell or an organism has much stronger effects than their structure. A car without petrol, without energy, cannot work, although the car remains the same with or without petrol. Same goes for an organism. With energy it feels better, without it — worse. The energy of wind lifts a bird's wing, whereas the wing lifts the bird. Energy can lift you up from the ground, but it can also distance you from the body. Energy can distance you from the body and daze you.


Alcohol or spirit possess a great amount of chemical energy. Alcohol is not only highly flammable, but it also energizes the muscles and nerves, and gives you detachment from the body.  As if giving a lift upwards. In the beginning, a person feels looser. However, alcohol also diminishes the interaction between body, mind and consciousness. Practically, a person drinks in order to relax more, feel better, and less restricted. But such relaxation is not conscious and only partial. It detaches you from your body as well as your body from you. A person almost completely ceases to sense their body and its relation to the environment, as well as relates themselves only to a particular part of body, mind or the world. Looking at his mistress, a drunk man forgets his wife, children, family, and a drunk woman her work, husband, home, etc. Things that were suppressed get liberated when drunk, and consequences of an artificial morality can be seen. Aggression, sexuality erupt and even fear decreases, because alcohol also promotes relaxation and inflation of the vital body, contrary to fear. That is why to a drunk, unconscious person the sea is knee-deep. After relaxing body and mind as well as diminishing their interaction, things that were taboo, forbidden, nasty or bad become relaxed. If suppression was not significant, a person may just argue, scuffle. If suppression was great, consequences may be more serious — an accident, fight, disability or death. Any form of drunk relaxation is worthless, because it is not conscious. A person cleanses themselves, gets relaxed, but does not know what, how and to what extent they relaxed.  They neither saw nor understood what happened. They did not transform or transcend anything and this will pile up again, and again, will require relaxation and alcohol. 

If self-cleansing and transformation happen consciously, then a person can see their artificial morality, ambitions, plans, thoughts, attachments and wishes which unnaturally restrict and block the way for energy. Then a person points their attention from consciousness or consciousness itself directly towards a blockage or vital resistance, and these transform as well as newly crystalize. Rough, aggressive, descending energy, after transformation, becomes an ascending one — inspiration, creation, love. Tar becomes honey, fertiliser — fruit. If this, at least once, happened consciously, then this person became a master of suppressed energy. Similar to how a child, who learns to start fire, becomes its master. If a person relaxed unconsciously, then they will need to drink again, cleanse themselves through arguments, scandals, fights, torture others and themselves. Or to learn.

When drinking, cleansing happens not through nourishing the inner light, but by dimming it. One day, either consciousness or sub-consciousness will not take it. A person will become an alcoholic, an ill person, a killer. Conscious cleansing takes place while nourishing the inner light, restoring the truth, connecting to and awakening yourself. The awakened energies provide such joy, that they cannot be compared to any drink, drug or even sex or power. Once you find a gem, a stone in your hands will slip out itself. This is the door, the path.

* - Excerpt from the new book in English PREMBUDA. Meditation: Body Soul Balance


Updated on 19-05-2020

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