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In Kundalini meditation existential kundalini energy is accepted to a body, transformed and it fills it up, revitalizes as well as calms us down from the body to the soul.

There are four stages in Kundalini meditation, each taking 15 minutes. One meditates with closed eyes, though the first and the second stages may also be practiced with eyes open.

The first stage is shaking. Relax completely, look and move within. Let the limits go. Let your attention relax itself and expand to the entire body, from the feet to the top of your head. Tune yourself to inner space, energy and feel it. Allow the body to start shaking from the feet and maintain its shaking. Moving the body and shaking help awaken the vital energy and awaken indirectly the kundalini energy, help light it up.

Don't put any efforts. Let attention and consciousness reach your body from within and awaken kundalini energy which is flowing in. This way in spring the Sun awakens the Earth, the seed and the life present therein.

Don't hold yourself to thoughts, wishes, images. Let all body and mental tensions go, don't disturb awakening and rising of kundalini energy and shaking of your body. Dive in within, expand yourself and melt into space.

The second stage is dance. Listening to and hearing the music let shaking melt into dance, chaos into flow. This way soil atoms and life come into a tree in spring. The body and energy harmonize, start dancing in accordance with music. Don't hold anything.

Withdrawing and relaxing yourself within, let mimics, tensions, attitudes and habits go. Withdraw your attention from emotions, thoughts and mind within to emptiness. Touch your body, energies from within, be in harmony with the body, music, feel kundalini energy, maintain its awakening, flow and dance. The more you relax outwards to the body and inwards to the spirit, the more existence will dance and flow through than you. Let the limits go. Melt. That may become witnessing.

The 3rd stage is witnessing. Remain standing or sit down with closed eyes. Withdraw yourself from the body, breathing, thoughts, the mind, don't interrupt in anything, don't be emotional, let everything go, don't evaluate, judge, think and imagine. Everything, what is real, will remain. Look and relax yourself outwards to the body and inwards to emptiness. You will sense endless easiness and ecstasy. Impartially observe everything happening outside and inside from within. Melt in energy and in space as a seed in the tree. Relax, unfold yourself and melt consciously. Let witnessing happen.

The 4th stage is transformation. Lie down. Don't put any effort in doing or not doing anything. Simply don't do anything, relax and let everything what is outside and inside happen on its own accord. Let silence and peace be. Outside and inside.

After the meditation rise up gradually and dive into life.

Osho Kundalini meditation classic presentation .

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