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Journal / 1999 No.10

The leader of Osho Ojas Meditation Center
Metchislovas Vrubliauskas


    Concentration is taught in all schools. However, for the third year, a meditation school functions in Lithuania. This is very new, not traditional school of spiritual search. Its methods are closer to Eastern Masters’ methods and quite different from Christian, Islamic or Hindu methods. Thus, people are interested in it, but do not understand. Governmental representatives responsible for registration of religious communities, attempt not to legalize it. This is understandable, because everything what is new frightens. But fear was not ever a fellow traveler of spiritual seekers.

    Currently there are the first and third courses in the school, where almost forty students study. So far there is not an option to accept students each year, as there are not enough meditators who are ready to lead meditative practices. Thus, the Meditation school (“MM”) born three years ago, became a live laboratory, a true academy of spiritual seekers. In this series of articles I will share methods of meditation, applied and verified in MM and generally known various meditation methods, which, according to my understanding, are necessary for a modern man in the first place. In addition, these methods are widely known in Zen, Tantra, Yoga, Sufis, Dao, Tao in Eastern traditions. This is several thousand-year experience of thousands ways and millions of meditators. According to my understanding, old and new methods of spiritual seekers, their discoveries were the best understood, joined and stated in teachings of contemporary spiritual Master Osho. In spiritual practices new and old always confluent, because this discovery and experience is always new for a seeking soul.

    Little child - God’s eyes into the world. A child is not yet separated from existence, from his essence. He is still unite and whole. He has consciousness but he doesn’t think so far. Thus, he doesn’t know a sin, a crime, he does not feel remorse. He is not guilty and still is in heaven, but he doesn’t know this, is not conscious of this. Later he will remember some childhood moments that will give joy and witness that blissfulness, joy is possible. This travels with a child from a womb. How to keep this happiness, how return to this natural state of blissfulness, to lost heaven?

    Let’s step back a little and look at several essential moments of our life. Then we could not only act a bit more consciously in the world, but also will understand better the causes of our happiness and misfortunes.

    Everybody is born. A birth is one of the most significant moments in parents’ and child’s life, we may say, our life. We could be more intelligent and accept a child more properly in this world. First of all, mother should not be afraid to give birth to a child and should not fight with it. Due to such fight, seventy five percent of children are born at night, when mother is not conscious, because then it is easier for the child to start a process of birth. If women rejected unnecessary belief, that birth has to be painful, because it comes from a sin, then, as an Eastern Mystic Osho says, it might be even blissful. During birth, not only a child but also a mother is born. At that time both, mother and child, are getting ripen. For mother it might be the first deeper attempt before meeting a child in this world, sometimes close to a line of loosing consciousness; for a child these are the first actions indicating that sometimes in this world total efforts will be necessary. This experience will remain in child’s subconscious and will affect his conscious actions. A child that experienced a shock or difficulties during birth may feel fear inside all his life: be afraid of everything what is new and simply be afraid to live.

    If you feel fear of newness, lack of air, smother, inquire your parents about your birth. It is possible to relax such remaining fears. These methods are known in psychotherapy and meditative and spiritual practices. Osho meditative practice usually is called meditative therapy abroad as it cures soul. Of course, methods of spiritual therapy are more deep and reliable, but usually higher consciousness is necessary for them. Thus people should not avoid psychotherapy methods and sometimes to start only from them.

    In 1996 while in Osho International Commune (Pune, India) I participated in special ten days seminar of meditative therapy “Breathing Energies”. Science’s, partly medicine and psychology sciences’ understanding about breathing is only on the surface. Meditation allows to understand breathing more deeply. We will not find its cause in physical body. Scientists are looking in it, but are not going to find it there. If they are striving and willing to understand, then they could move towards roots of breathing. But then they would have to go from physical body to other - vital body, and then to go to deeper - astral one, the third body of a man. The cause of man’s breathing is in so called in the East - astral body which almost corresponds to collective consciousness in the West. A man conscious and trained in this body, can completely stop breathing and stay many hours without air, for instance, under the ground. This should not be attributed to spiritual practices. This is only extension of man’s psychical capacities. When a body is overflowed with oxygen various collective - racist, religious symbols, various visions are seen and when he becomes aware of them, fears disappear, blissfulness captures.

    During meditative seminar I saw how many people, quite painfully, but yet successfully, were loosening from many tensions and fears confining breathing. It is necessary to understand their appearance. Once when fear is caused, when got scared without understanding why, breath changes a little: weakens, rhythm changes. Fears and tensions that we are not aware of remain for many years or even months. If one often gets scared very strongly, such tensions accumulate and we start feeling them in physical body. This is the beginning of disabilities and diseases. It is better not to wait their development and after sensing only symptoms, to remove their causes.

    On the tenth day of the seminar, we did special meditative technique that stimulates in us remaining tensions and fears of birth process. This technique cannot be done without preparation. Relaxation, inner silence, trust in yourself and surroundings are necessary for it. Maybe one third of people, after subconscious level of birth was raised, were bearing pains, rolling and yelling. The seminar leaders asked not to get scared, were encouraging and invited to go through relaxing pains without fear. Sometimes very clearly previous state and even the very situation were remembered. After such meditation, posture of many people became straighter and they revived and looked younger. This was the peak of entire meditative seminar.

    During meditation, my birth vision appeared; I felt a huge amount of leading energy, light, there was no fear, contrarily - I felt blissfulness. It seemed that nobody can prevent my birth, it is so powerful. Even now at any time I may feel that leading energy. This is not imagination, but reality. But in order to separate them, a confirmation of a certain practice of man or specialist is necessary. For my mother it was a hard birth. She even lost consciousness.

    In order not to damage child’s eyes - to expose to light shock, there should be shadowy light in the birth room. Born baby should be left for some time on mother’s belly, because a child knows it from inside and this gives him a feeling of security. One should not hurry to cut umbilical cord and even more not to wait for his cry by holding a baby upside down.

    A birth of a man is not his beginning. Meditator may be familiar with his journey to this world from even earlier times: from his coming into womb and even from the death of the last life. Conceiving a child is very important moment in lives of parents and child. Parents give a body to a child. They become doors for the child to come into this world. During fertilization of an egg, between spiritual and physical worlds, a hole of light is formed through which a soul comes into this world. Sometimes it may be a shock for a soul. The state of those who make love determines what soul will enter a womb. If lovers are in the state of meditation, then a soul with buddha potential may come. If a woman is almost raped, the soul with features of Stalin or Hitler may come. The state of parents who make love in great capacity determines the conditionings and potential of coming soul. Usually the coming soul will have conditionings that are close to parents’ conditionings. Karmic matters have also not a small influence. It is asserted in the East that about half of the people that are near us, are known to us from the past lives. When you are going to invite a soul into this world, be sober, have light attitude, be sincere, devoted to existence. Then a light hole created by you will not be accessible to a soul waiting in lower levels. On the other hand, when you invite a more sublime soul, do not forget that it doesn’t belong to you and be hospitable to it.

    In the East it is known that a man travels from one life to another one, that death is only like changing your outer clothes. It is established there that conditions of the other life are determined by the last thought of life. Thus one clever man, an owner of a shop, thinking not only how to live good this life, but also how to be born good after the death, called his all sons by the names of gods. This way he believed that during his last minutes of life by seeing them around him, he would think only about gods and this will determine a good future for him. When death was approaching, all his sons gathered around him. His mind was joyful that everything goes smoothly, when suddenly he got worried about a shop. Abruptly he asked his son: “Who is left in the shop if all of you gathered here?” This was his last thought. The best is to die in meditation. Then a flight will be the highest.

    Here I will give you an Osho exercise that not only helps to enter into meditation but also might be useful in life. It is advisable to do it several times a day and before sleep.

    If you want to figure out a cause of misfortune or disease or something else, close your eyes, breath in and by directing your attitude, let’s say to heart by holding breath, say: “Where heart pain comes from?” Afterwards, do the same after you breath out and hold a breath. This should be done five times: five cycles of breath in - breath out. A statement of autosuggestion has to be clear and simple. The more decisive your attitude will be and longer you hold your breath, the autosuggestion will be more effective. During this exercise the attitude of conscious mind reaches deeper levels of subconscious, helps to properly direct them and this way find important answers. Do not use this exercise for selfish intents. This should a part of truth search.

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