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Osho Dynamic Meditation lead by Meditation Master Prembuda
Every Sunday 9:30-10:30 am In Ojas center
Meditation Academy, lead by Prembuda
October 25-27 (Fri-Sun) In Ojas Buddhahall, Resort
In-Yan balance and transformation meditation, lead by Prembuda
October 27 (Sun)   11:15am In Ojas Buddhahall, Resort
Ashram: from Ego and Ignorance to Equality and Meditation, lead by Prembuda
November 1-3 (Fri-Sun) In Ojas Buddhahall, Resort
Meditation day & Introductory meditation tour, lead by Kanta
November 10 (Sun)   9:30am In Ojas Zenhall, Vilnius
Lecture and Seminar "Through Insight and Meditation to Heaven and Nirvana on Earth", lead by Prembuda
November 21 (Thu)   6:00pm In Sadhaka, Kaunas
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Meditation Courses and Events
October 19 (Sat)   5:30pm In Ojas Zenhall, Vilnius
Dynamic, lead by Prembuda
October 20 (Sun)   9:30am In Ojas Buddhahall, Resort
October 26 (Sat)   5:30pm In Ojas Buddhahall, Resort
Dynamic, lead by Prembuda
October 27 (Sun)   9:30am In Ojas Buddhahall, Resort
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