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Beloved Osho, could you please speak of the mysteries of the heart?

Part 3

And once you enter into that magic circle of your childhood, you will know what are the mysteries of the heart. But nobody can speak about them. And it is good that nobody can speak about them, otherwise you will never discover them yourself. You will remain with the explanations, with the ideologies.

Hung up in the head you won't enter into the mysteries themselves. But now nature leaves no other alternative. Either you have to go into the heart yourself or you have to remain a superficial human being without any significance and without any grandeur. Be a child again. That is the whole psychology of meditation.

    Miss Goodbody, the pretty young school teacher, noticed that little Ernie had a gleam in his eye and his gaze followed her all around the room. He obviously had a crush on her, so she called him aside after school.

    "Ernest," she begins, "your grades have been slipping lately and I notice that you are not paying

    attention in class. Is something distracting you?"

    "Yes, Miss Goodbody," says Ernie in a soft voice.

    "By any chance," she asks compassionately, "is it me?"

    Little Ernie nods and the teacher smiles.

    "That's very sweet," says Miss Goodbody, "I'm very flattered. And to tell you the truth, I hope to have

    a husband one day who is as bright and cute as you."

    "Then why not me?" asks Ernie.

    "Well," says Miss Goodbody, "I don't want a child."

    "Okay," replies Ernie, "I promise to be super-careful."

Just start being a little more poetic, start loving more the things of the heart – music, painting, sculpture. Arrange your life not around the head but around the heart, in friendship, in love, in compassion. Rather than going after explanations, go after experiences, and you will be preparing the right path towards the heart. One day, it explodes in tremendous luminosity and fills your whole being with a light of the beyond. And then you don't need any explanation. The experience itself is yours – what is the point of any explanation? Explanations are for those who are utterly poor as far as experience is concerned. I don't want my people to be poor. I want you to be as rich as possible, and the only riches are of the heart.

And once you are richer in the heart, then a new dimension opens towards the being. You cannot bypass the heart. From the head there is no direct route to the being. First you have to come into the heart, and then only can you pass deeper into being. And from being there is the ultimate quantum leap into the cosmic, into the ultimate, into the absolute. You disappear just like a dewdrop in an ocean.


    Moishe is employed as a groom working in the Czar's stables. One day the crown prince comes rushing into the stable. "Moishe," he calls, "get the finest carriage ready. The princess is coming home, I just received a telegram ... The best harness with the bells and feathers."

    While he is getting everything ready, Moishe notices that one of the horses has an erection. "Hey!" he says to the horse. "Who had the telegram, you or the prince?"


Moishe must have been an innocent person. These innocent people are not counted at all by our so-called sophisticated society. We don't pay any respect to children. We don't pay any respect to those whose eyes are still filled with wonder.

We have created a world just out of the head denying everything else, even the existence of the heart. You ask the physiologist and he will say there is no mystery in the heart – it is just a pump, no heart is there. It is simply a pumping station for the blood – what kind of mysteries are you asking about?

A pumping station is a pumping station. The physiologist will not accept that you are feeling a deep love arising in your heart. He will laugh. He will say, "In a pumping station? Love arising?" He will not accept that because of love you are having a heartache – not possible. There may be some malfunctioning in the mechanism, but it can't be love.

Science cannot accept the existence of love. Neither can it accept the existence of your heart, nor the existence of your soul, nor the existence of any mysteries which are beyond logic. Maybe today they are beyond, but tomorrow they are going to be explained away.

I say unto you: science is a very incomplete approach to life. And our society is very lopsided, because it has not taken note of the inner which is as big as the outer. There is a vast universe outside you and there is a universe similarly vast inside you. You are just standing between two infinities, two eternities ... And because you are standing just in between these two wonderlands, you have the opportunity to enjoy both.

I am not against the outer. I am against the emphasis that only the outer exists and there is no inner. The inner is far more important because it is your very being. Not knowing it, not experiencing it, not going deeper into it, your life will remain empty, just a long, long, drag – boredom, depression.

Nothing will flower in you, no songs will be heard within your being, no sunrises, no flowers, no stars. And all was possible, you just never moved inwards. Moving inwards is the path to the divine. Moving outwards takes you towards objects but you are not an object. You are a deep subjectivity and this subjectivity has to be explored. That is the ultimate mystery.



Osho, Sat Chit Anand, Truth Consciousnes Bliss, Talks given from 22/11/87 am to 06/12/87 pm, CHAPTER 18 The only riches are of the heart, 30 November 1987 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium, 1987 Sat Chit Anand #18, II dalis, Question 2


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