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"Zmogus" ("A Man") 2005 No.1

ABC of Meditation School

Unite body with spirit. Man’s life lacks fullness, trueness and blissfulness. He constantly lacks something. It seems that only children until the age of four-five years are natural, relaxed and rejoicing. It is strange that adults find the joy of life not within themselves, but in others: children, sport, business, politics, mostly in temporary banal matters. I rejoice in daughters, a grand child, but such joy and blissfulness as they are in oneself, cannot come through the other. True joy, true health, well-being and blissfulness are always coming from within and they are neither given nor taken. Children soon will mature and will seek their own happiness; sport, pleasures, business and honor in the best case touch only our bodies and minds. They will remain here, because they do not come within and we will not carry them through death. There aren’t heart and soul - our other side - in them, therefore that inevitably causes tension in us and deep desire to relax, discharge. Because of that people drink, use drugs, beat each other, kill, war. That does not have and will not have an end if a man does not become aware of his other side, the inner side and will not open it in his daily life and being. Endless new physic and psychic diseases, various sexual and psychological perversions, numerous misfortunes and disabilities happen and continue to increase, because a man does not find the essential satisfaction and peace, true well-being and freedom. Without finding the essential, a man chooses at least partial satisfaction. More intelligent one will understand that balance, the other side, spirit are necessary.

Today we see the consequences of traditional faiths and political systems toughly related to them, that were prevailing throughout thousands of years. On the other hand, the way we are, such are faiths and political systems. Besides, at least up until now, leaders and gods were not getting down from a pedestal as long as they were still applauded and bowed. Education and orders do not help. They have never helped. Rather harmed. Growing and learning help. Why then czars and gods give orders to a man? Maybe because a man still believes, fears and asks. A well-known actress Egle Gabrenaite wrote in an autograph: “Don’t believe, don’t fear, don’t ask”. If these words are hers that shows depth and height of her intelligence. It is hard to find more intelligent Lithuanian words. You will not find such truth in faiths. It is worth to change faith into openness. Whether a seed believes when it is falling into soil? No, it is simply open and because of that a miracle begins, growing begins, sharing, meeting of spirit and body.

Medics state that in Lithuania, increasingly bigger part of thirty year old ones complain of fatigue, fears, depression. The first symptoms of this illness are similar to those of flu: temperature rises, mouth is drying, headaches are felt. When illness is developing, chest, neck, shoulders - the upper part of a body starts hurting. Because of that not only work efficiency declines, but also disability sometimes chains a man to bed or even makes him an invalid. Scientists previously called that disease “businessmen’s flu”, and so far they have found for it nothing more, but a title “chronic fatigue syndrome” and still do not know how to cure it. Today a number of such diseases, that are incurable and start in the higher levels of a man, increases. And will continue to increase, if we do not start improving health also from within.

It is obvious that it is not enough to name a disease and to know what should not be done. One should know - what to do? My experience shows and that is found by each more conscious meditator, that an inside, spirit should be found and spirit brought to a body. It is necessary to unite a body with spirit and spirit with a body. For that meditation is necessary and that is happening in the Meditation School. Meditator, sannyasin, because of his own consciousness, does not believe, does not fear and does not ask, and lives healthier, better and more blissful. Truth is always paradoxical.

A-of Meditation School is that in life there is physical pain, suffering that have a cause and they can be eliminated. First of all, suffering is because a man is ignorant and his life is not in harmony, because a man is not conscious from a body to spirit, and body does not unite through psyche with spirit harmoniously in him. It is necessary to begin uniting from physical body, because a body is the most rough our part and it is easiest to see it, understand and find a step. It is easier to eliminate physical pain than psychical. On the physical level, evolution of nature and currently also science, unite body with spirit in the most harmonious way. There are no dogmas, orders, and unnecessary violence in them. However to know physical world is not very easy. Efforts will be needed for that. To know life with all shades will be even more complicated. Ten laws are not enough to know science; therefore even one hundred of them are not sufficient to know life. On the other hand, true knowing is much simpler and easier if one goes along with truth, because then everything is seen and there is nothing to be supported. It is enough simply to open eyes and see, without any attitudes to open oneself for seeing of all inner energies and processes and to live according to that. For those who do not see, it might be suggested to behave with others in a way they wish others to behave with them and not to behave in a way they do not wish others to behave with them. There is deep truth behind these words, that in all bodies we receive what we give.

Let’s do not think that there will be well in a physical body if spirit is missing in it. That is the biggest mistake that happens because of our shortsightedness or blindness. Every man brings spiritual energy to the world, which, due to inert rushing to sense everything by body and mind, depletes around thirty years. While eating we should not forget the matters of sowing and harvest. When developing normally, a man in his third septennium should develop his mind, in the fourth - unfold his heart, and in the fifth septennium from 29 to 35 years - to reach spirit and unite himself. Today, the biggest part of people of thirty years old, without knowing what is normal in this period, does not grow towards spirit, but tries to find happiness in pleasures of body or mind. When maturing normally, until the end of this period, it is necessary to grow new harvest of spirit. Because of its lack and depression arising due to that, people start believing that things have to be this way and they have to carry their cross. But this way the lack of bread, heat or knowledge can be also explained. On the other hand, for spiritual experiences people unnecessarily make various deadly tricks, go on their knees around temples or carry “their” cross. Made-up ways of getting to the spirit are temporal and do not pass through death. Meditation is natural, the easiest and the straightest way to spirit.

B-of Meditation School is that a man has psyche and it is necessary to harmonize it with body and spirit. Man’s psyche is in between body and spirit; and emotions, thoughts, desires, imaginations, dreams, motives, etc. belong to it. In the East, they are divided into vital, astral and mental bodies. Four of them - physic and these three bodies - are explored and developed in Meditation School from the point of view of harmony and spirit flow. Four years are needed to know them basically and to transform them according to natural rhythms of nature and spirit. Such primary vision of the school is also confirmed by an inquiry of its graduates. The seekers became aware rather surely of vital, astral and mental bodies accordingly in the second, the third and the forth year of the school.

It is very beneficial for a man to know the origin of own emotions, feelings, thoughts, desires, ambitions, imaginations, etc. as well as consequences of their application, because then he can really change his life. Whether it is normal that a father beats his child in a movie or in life explaining that when he gets angry, he is losing control. But in the same way we can justify the running over a child by a car because when we ran up, we could not properly control it. Therefore, let’s open our eyes in physical and vital bodies and we will see and manage not only a car, but anger also. In our psychologically ignorant society, astral body of man, containing man’s past and capacity of mind, is not known. Then how we can properly find a job, a woman or a man and live healthy? Health depends a lot on our psyche. Science has already recognized that but this dependence is even deeper and more significant. Besides, it is obvious that there is a huge difference between what is given to us by parents, street and teachers - similarly as it is done in a market or in shops by sellers and advertisement - and what we need indeed. Therefore, everyone individually will have to decide, find and create own path.

Science has done a lot to improve and diversify our life, but only we can master science and transform our own psyche ourselves. There is not a big difference between our bodies, but there is a huge difference between our minds and psyches. One can be a butcher, the other - musician or gardener. But it is necessary to see these bodies and to know them, in order not to teach to play the piano or not to elect into the Seimas that who was a butcher in the past lives or vice versa. On the other hand, whether today there are many people who at least a little remember their past lives and see these bodies and consciously harmonize their current life with existing experience? All esotericists and parapsychologists are already performing marvelous work in such view. The latter ones already come to heart without any dogmas and orders, even though they still miss meditation. But it is necessary for a healthy, good and blissful life.

C-of Meditation School is that health, well-being and blissfulness do not have any cause and are natural consequence of man’s consciousness and his spiritual growth. The first moments of experience of fulfillment show that you do not limit yourself by health, riches and honor, but have opened yourself also to spirit. With it, truth and freedom step within you. Now your consciousness has flowered, spirit flows also through you. Blossoming flower can spread only physical fragrance, but flowering consciousness - also spiritual fragrance. Others will feel that. Narciza, the graduate of the third crop of the year 2004 of the Meditation School, says that without the Meditation School one is not able to understand that in any way. Now when her body hurts or she does not feel well, she breaths into the painful place, moves, looks within, relaxes emotions, body, thoughts and tension or suffering passes away. This scientist of over sixty years old looks too young for herself and wonders whether that has to be. Believe that you will have to be ill and you will be ill. Revenge, lie and believe that you are guilty, be humble and you will feel bad, heavy and soon will get ill. Be open, sincere, behave naturally with respect to yourself, those surrounding you and the whole existence, accept your nature and behave according to it, then health, well-being and meditation naturally will step into your life. The inquiry of graduates of the School showed that as a side consequence an amount of days of illness and being off work because of illness decreased several times, and much more love, happiness and even blissfulness and insight came into their lives.

For the normal physical growth a child his first years of life has to live with people who take care of creating necessary physical and psychological conditions, and for normal spiritual growth for a beginning meditator, a spiritual atmosphere where he can go through harder and more dangerous periods of spiritual growth is very useful or may be necessary.

In Meditation School, there are physical, psychical and spiritual conditions to grow and through psyche to unite body with spirit, to spread both wings - that of body and spirit, and not to fall into pain and suffering but to fly into well-being, freedom and blissfulness. Whether you fall or fly depend only on you.

Information about ABC of Meditation School introductory lecture and practicum (meditation group) you may find in the pages of a magazine “Zmogus” (“A Man”) No. 12, 2004.

Prem, meditation master

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