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OSHO™ Dynamic Meditation

Osho Dynamic Meditation

Lead by Prembuda in Ojas meditation Center
on November 30, 2003; stenograph; duration – 1 hour.


Get ready to meditation. Your actions and rhythm will be supported by meditative music.

The first stage – soul’s approaching to body: chaotic, intensive, deep breathing (10 min.) The first stage – chaotic, intensive and deep breathing. Look within. The best that legs, feet would be in a width of shoulders, relax and … breathe. Relax consciousness and energy will start to flow naturally, easily. Let go from consciousness all “I can’t”. They limit, disturb, burden your self-feeling. While looking deeper an inside unites with an outside, a natural pull of energy arises. Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe!

Share energy. Breathe in – breath out, breath in – breathe out air and at the same time energy. Goes in – goes out, goes in – goes out. Distinguish what is hard, that is a burden. In consciousness the smallest thought, the most subtle thought, the most subtle image becomes a burden and hindrance for energy to flow, energy – between consciousness and body. More alive, more alive, more alive, more alive more, more, more, more! Drowsiness has a cause. Waking up, liveliness doesn’t have one. Relax consciousness not to hold anything in it. And like through chimney a stream starts flowing naturally. The same in you more new and fresh energy will start flowing. Loosen, enliven vital energy, vitality!

Burst out. Everyone can burst out in breathing. When energy comes within, ignites and enlivens a body. The same like in an engine. Further wake up, further. Everyone individually. And new space, buddhafield is being created. Everyone waking up in love and consciousness creates buddhafield. More courageously, more courageously, more courageously! Suffering which is present comes from faiths, imaginations and ideas. Let go! That enchains unnecessarily. And more, and more, and more, and more, and more! And more, and more look within with relaxed consciousness, relaxed attention and let go, let go, let go, liberate yourself, get free! Liberation continues! Everyone liberates first of all oneself. Only the one who is free, who is getting liberated can understand suffering of those who aren’t free and support their liberation. Contribute by waking up, waking yourself up, by buddhahood. More courageously, more courageously, more courageously, more free, more free, easier, straighter! All qualities. Good, good!

The second stage – cleansing, transformation of body and inside (10 min.) Proceed to catharsis, relax. Let go livened parts, energies, associations. Look from depth and remain open even deeper within. You are a mediator through which sky unites with earth, even more – inside with outside, subjectivity with objectivity. Devote yourself to truth, existence. Support natural, authentic flow, meeting. Good, good, good, good more and more, and more, and more! Still some are considering whether to remain drowsy or wake up. Even in drowsiness be attentive! That’s a chance to let go, to relax, to get free from old stamps, models and conditionings, from dependences, addictions to drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, faith, opium, parents, society, politicians, priests – from all. Good, good, good. Find your natural reality, inner buddha. More courageously, more courageously! – Everyone – wake up, let oneself go! Load prevents from flying. Load helps to fall and possess. Spread inner wings!

Relax and rising up starts naturally. Good, good and more, and more. Everyone may wake up. It is enough to sense, acknowledge that there is suffering, bondage, unconsciousness and get away from them, and waking up, growing starts naturally. Continue, continue, continue! You may be more beautiful, more free. In a common space when majority is waking up, it is easier to move against a current pulling downwards. Further, further, further continue a journey! The journey is becoming easier. Without pressure just let go. And that is not yet a limit. Get free, get free. Let go parents, all orders and find natural existential nature. Not Deo, but Dao, not Teo, but Tao. Relax parents and gods, and behave according to inner buddhahood, from within. Whether everything what is possible is released? Medi – to be in middle.

The third stage – harmonizing body and soul: energy waking up, transformation (HOO-HOO-HOO) (10 min.). HOO. Jump and fall on heels, arms outspread and pronouncing mantra “HOO”, hammer into the sex center which is in vital body, that way waking up, supporting liveliness, awakening. You need, it is enough to unite an inside with an outside, sky with earth, it is enough to be a mediator, not a bureaucrat, but a man mediator, and it is better a meditator, a mediator who unites spirit with body without interfering. It is sufficient for you to let yourself burst in divinity. And son-like divinity or daughterly divinity bursts! Everyone is more than a son or a daughter of god. He or she is a divine son and divine daughter, and much more – a buddha. Not limiting oneself in any way, unfolding in an ocean of consciousness. Lively, lively, lively, further, further, jump, jump! Good, good and more, and more, and more! That is not a limit, there is no limit. Exhaust entire old energy. Exhaust, exhaust, exhaust! And open yourself to new one. Seed gets nourishment. When it is hard, increase pace, peer what impedes and let go. And new wave of energy will flow through, will burst. Carrying life and consciousness through you. Everyone, everyone, everyone can be rich and happy. Rich with life, flowing, happiness, love. No ideas, no imaginations, waking up energy and energy rises up on its own accord through mind to heart and into consciousness. And by spreading consciousness towards body, you close a wheel of life. Good, good, good, further, further, further! – Everyone is a buddha!

You don’t have masters. Carriers of freedom, carriers of truth, carriers of love. Take and give. And more, and more, and more, more lively and more! Totally! Be total! Nothing prevents. Existence, boundless existence supports. Straighten, relax! Sense how soles lose touch with earth, with floor! No, don’t become thoughtful. The very noblest idea, the very highest faith is less than empty, clear consciousness liberating, straightening, enlivening everything and leaving freedom.

More alive, more alive, good, good, good, good! Wake up, wake up, wake up! Let through life, let through love, let through energies, vitality! Good, good, good! Further continue, continue, continue, continue! Relax! Let go burdens, conditionings. Straight, alive. Go to a limit! Loose touch from old energy, exhaust! As new clear water flows into a well, the same way it fills you. You may be more total. Look, you can relax more, let go yourself, loosen burdens, all servants, bosses. And that is yet not a limit. Sense how energy flows! Live, fresh, refreshing. Everything unloosened. Freedom flows through you, truth, love. Good, good, good, good, good, good, good! More, more, don’t limit yourself! The last minute. Take a chance! A sprout sprouts, consciousness opens. New light, new wave of consciousness touches an inner being. Lively, lively, lively, easier, easier! Be cleaner, more pure! Jump, put in all energy, take all! More, more, more, totally! The last seconds. Stop.

The fourth stage – witnessing, a key to meditation, an inner transformation (15 min.) The efforts stage, in which there is as much efforts are needed as to let go what is heavy, to relax, is over. Don’t move. Energy turns, all energy will turn round. Don’t become thoughtful. You don’t need to push or throw away ideas. It is enough not to support. There will be a moment when it seems you can’t hold, because you hold much. Let go. And there will be not only easier but also energy will flow more fluently, hands will hold on themselves, life will flow through palms like through blossoms.

Don’t hold anything. Let go all contaminants. And through body they will be eliminated. What is true holds on itself. Let go law, be with truth, with what is eternal and in harmony with existence waves through life. Pure hands prominently hold themselves on their own accord. Don’t support any movement from consciousness, even a movement of thought or imagination. Any emotion. Doing nothing, buddhahood emancipates, straightens, unfolds.

Stay within. Don’t support tensions of imagination, mind, emotions, body. Move neither tongue, nor eyelashes, nor fingers, nor anything. Otherwise consciousness starts falling like a stone from a hill. After moving it is harder to stop. Be in a moment. Be “here and now”. Relax vitality, mind, imagination and energy itself holds hands, divinity flows through all bodies. Where it gets stuck – you feel tension, heaviness, pain, suffering, depression. Standing in silence, doing nothing and rubbish cleanses out, and blissfulness, blessedness come in.

The fifth stage – bringing spirit to body: festal dance (15 min.) Let your dance come from within. Don’t hurry to move body, stay more within. It is better not to touch anything with fingers, because that throws to a body, throws in a periphery. Don’t loose an inner path. You may stay in flight, meditator uniting an inside with an outside. Give body to the energy. Listen to music and let it move according to a melody, its rhythm. More silence, more life, more love. Consciousness is empty. You are like fireplace in which fire flames.

Energy moves only through chimney, a pull arises; and energy moves through your consciousness, a pull arises. Come in. Let go manners, styles. Yes, it is easier with manner, style, because that is mechanical, dull, standard. Once created and body moves. But moving according to style, manner, after opening eyes, a body will be duller, attuned to style. And live situation never matches them. Continue further to let go styles and manners, images and fashions. For not a single muscle, not a single joint, mind or imagination to stay programmed. That is an outburst of spring. Water flows in new paths, blossoms unfold in new places. A repeated movement is a movement of corpse, robot, is mechanical; there is no consciousness in it. Unfold yourself from inside, liberate yourself, dance your dance, not folk, ballroom or racial dance. Dance a dance that hasn’t happened already in existence. That is a wave of new consciousness.

You are freer, straighter, more beautiful, better. And let go that through body, arms, palms, fingers. Whether energy flows through shoulders, elbows, neck? Whether you enjoy your dance, go along with celebration? Then go. Free yourself, straighten, celebrate. Support freedom inside and life, movement that is being born out of it and keep that all day.

Usually Osho Dynamic is meditated without words, only following music. In a meditation lead by meditation master it is much easier to tune oneself and meditate. Light and energy of a master helps to light an inner flame, support and show a direction inside; until a meditator himself can see a path reliably, unites himself.

Meditation CD can be purchased.

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